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Important questions about Cultural Evolution and Cultural Ecology. Cultural Evolution and Cultural Ecology MCQ questions with answers. Cultural Evolution and Cultural Ecology exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

In which country scientists gave priority to skin colorWhich part of the human being is the discrimination for genetic variations?


A : a. Asian and AfricanSkin color

B : b. African and EuropeanCulture trait

C : c. European and AmericanRace

D : d. American and AfricanNone of the above

In which country scientists gave priority to skin color


A : a. Asian and African

B : b. African and European

C : c. European and American

D : d. American and African

Organism's evident traits, its "manifest biology" anatomy and physiology this type of organism is called


A : a. Genyotype

B : b. Phenotype

C : c. DNA

D : d. Homozygous

Historically, scientists have approached the study of human biological variation from how many directions?


A : a. 2

B : b. 4

C : c. 1

D : d. 3

Human biological diversity and biological differences exist and are apparent to us all this diversity is called


A : a. Caste

B : b. Sect

C : c. Race

D : d. Culture

Evolutionists believed that species arose from others through a long and gradual process of transmation, or descent with modification this method was given by


A : a. Charles Darwin

B : b. Kroeber

C : c. Marvin Harris

D : d. Franz Boas

In natural selection there is a resources like food, space and members of the population that is called


A : a. Material resource

B : b. Strategic resource

C : c. Any kind of resource

D : d. Documentary

The process by which nature selects the forms most fit to survive and reproduce in a given environment is called


A : a. Universal selection

B : b. Natural selection

C : c. Connatural

D : d. Customary

Anthropologists have started survey about the smallpox in


A : a. 1990-1997

B : b. 1997-1998

C : c. 1989-1992

D : d. 1991-1995

In anthropology the change in gene frequency, that is in the frequent in breeding population from generation to generation is called


A : a. Genetic evolution

B : b. Ancestral

C : c. both a and b

D : d. None of the above

Anthropologists said that many scholars became interested in human origins, biological diversity, and our position within the classification of plants and animals in during the


A : a. 20th century

B : b. 15th century

C : c. 18th century

D : d. 16th century

In the modern biological anthropology to understand the biological human variation they use


A : a. Machines

B : b. Tools

C : c. DNA

D : d. All of the above

The virus comes from domesticated animals like cows, sheep, goat, horse, and pigs are called


A : a. Chickenpox

B : b. Large pox

C : c. Bigpox

D : d. Smallpox

In anthropological study the ABO blood groups have figured in human resistance to


A : a. Big pox

B : b. Large pox

C : c. Smallpox

D : d. Chickenpox

According to the World Health Report, published by World Health Orgnization in Geneva, Switzerland, tropical diseases affect more then


A : a. 20%

B : b. 10%

C : c. 15%

D : d. 5%

Anthropologists have observed that body shape difference also reflect on


A : a. Culture

B : b. Adaptation

C : c. Acculturation

D : d. Assimilation

The alternative to creationism and catastrophism was transforms, also called as


A : a. Revolution

B : b. Transformation

C : c. Acculturation

D : d. Evolution

Anthropologists now recognize that the ethnographic present is


A : a. Realistic

B : b. Unrealistic

C : c. Unfeasible

D : d. Impractical

Malinowski's ethnographies were guided the assumption that the culture linked and intertwined that ethnographers were in


A : a. America

B : b. India

C : c. Trobriand

D : d. Cuba

Who has describe that the meanings, are carried by public symbolic forms, including words, rituals, and customs in any culture


A : a. Clifford Geertz

B : b. Marvin Harris

C : c. Colson

D : d. Livingstone

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