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Important questions about Coordination and Control in Animals. Coordination and Control in Animals MCQ questions with answers. Coordination and Control in Animals exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

Outer layer of adrenal gland is called


A : a. adrenal cortex

B : b. adrenal medulla

C : c. cortex

D : d. medulla

When an impulse reaches a synaptic knob, synaptic vesicles fuse with the


A : a. pre-synaptic membrane

B : b. post-synaptic membrane

C : c. synaptic cleft

D : d. neurotransmitters

Main transmitter for synapses that lie outside central nervous system is


A : a. serotonin

B : b. adrenaline

C : c. acetylcholine

D : d. dopamine

Medulla of adrenals produces hormone


A : a. adrenaline

B : b. nor-adrenaline

C : c. cortico-steroids

D : d. Both a and b

Weed killing is done by


A : a. 2,4 D

B : b. NAA

C : c. IAA

D : d. Ethane

Gastrin is hormone produced by mucosa of pyloric region of the


A : a. kidney

B : b. lungs

C : c. stomach

D : d. intestine

Inside of neuron, membrane is made more negative by


A : a. carbohydrates

B : b. fats

C : c. proteins and organic acids

D : d. lipids

A nerve impulse is passed from one neuron to other through


A : a. node of ranvier

B : b. synapse

C : c. cellbody

D : d. dendrites

Sympathetic nervous system is associated with


A : a. hormonal secretions

B : b. fear and rage

C : c. skeletal muscles

D : d. fight and flight

Lobe of pituitary often referred to as master gland, is the


A : a. frontal

B : b. posterior

C : c. anterior

D : d. median

Hypothalamus is a part of


A : a. midbrain

B : b. forebrain

C : c. hindbrain

D : d. future brain

Bilobed-mass composed of two ganglia are present in body of


A : a. hydra

B : b. planaria

C : c. humans

D : d. rats

In rats, ability to withstand any stress situation such as cold is diminished, if


A : a. adrenal cortex is removed

B : b. adrenal medulla is removed

C : c. cortex is removed

D : d. medulla is removed

Measure of capacity to do electrical work is called


A : a. impulse potential

B : b. electrical potential

C : c. charge potential

D : d. ion potential

Diffused type nervous system is present in


A : a. hydra

B : b. rats

C : c. earthworm

D : d. amoeba

Axon may be more than


A : a. five meter long

B : b. one meter long

C : c. two meter long

D : d. three meter long

Na+ diffusion into neuron causes its membrane to undergo


A : a. polarization

B : b. depolarization

C : c. neutralization

D : d. semi-polarization

Distention of cervix stimulates release of


A : a. testosterone

B : b. oestrogen

C : c. oxytocin

D : d. thyroxine

Cranial nerves also known as cerebral nerves arise from the


A : a. brain

B : b. spinal cord

C : c. vertebral column

D : d. peripheral nerves

Meaning of word Cephalo is


A : a. neck

B : b. shoulders

C : c. head

D : d. brain

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