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Important questions about Comprehension - Comprehension Passage 6. Comprehension - Comprehension Passage 6 MCQ questions with answers. Comprehension - Comprehension Passage 6 exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

1. Rational optimists: (a) Look for opportunities. (b) Are sensible and cheerful. (c) Are selfishly driven. Identify the correct answer from the codes given below:


A : (b) and (c) only

B : (a), (b) and (c)

C : (a) only

D : (a) and (b) only

2. Humans become less selfish when:


A : they work in solitude

B : they work in large groups

C : they listen to frightening stories

D : they listen to cheerful stories

3. 'Practical Possibles' are the ones who:


A : are cheerful and carefree

B : follow Midway Path

C : are doom-mongers

D : are self-centred

4. Storytelling is:


A : the essence of what makes us human

B : an art

C : a science

D : in our genes

5. Our knowledge is a collection of:


A : some important stories

B : all stories that we have heard during our life-time

C : some stories that we remember

D : a few stories that survive

6. How the future will turn out to be, depends upon the stories?


A : Designed to make the prophecy

B : We collectively choose to believe in

C : Which are repeatedly narrated

D : Designed to spread fear and tension

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