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Important questions about Comprehension - Comprehension Passage 2. Comprehension - Comprehension Passage 2 MCQ questions with answers. Comprehension - Comprehension Passage 2 exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

1. According to the passage, a political novel often turns out to be a


A : Literary distaste for politics

B : Literary representation of politics

C : Novel with its own politics

D : Depiction of murky practice of politics

2. A political novel reveals


A : The reality of the things

B : Writer's perception

C : The particular ideology of the readers

D : The spirit of literature

3. The constructs of politics by its nature is


A : Prevalent political situation

B : Ideas and Ideologies

C : Political propaganda

D : Understanding of human nature

4. Literature deals with


A : Human experiences in politics

B : Intellectual abstractions

C : Dry and empty ideas

D : Felt reality of human life

5. The observation of the novelist, Mary McCarthy reveals


A : unseen felt ideas of today in the novel

B : the dichotomy of conscience on political ideas and novels

C : compatibility between idea and novel

D : endless ideas and novels

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