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Important questions about Comprehension - Comprehension Passage 1. Comprehension - Comprehension Passage 1 MCQ questions with answers. Comprehension - Comprehension Passage 1 exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

1. Which heading is more appropriate to assign to the above passage?


A : Wavell’s Journal

B : Role of Muslim League

C : I.N.A. Trials

D : Red Fort Prisoners

2. The trial of P.K. Sehgal, Shah Nawaz and Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon symbolizes


A : communal harmony

B : the threat to all religious persons

C : the threat to persons fighting for the freedom

D : British reaction against the natives

3. I.N.A. stands for


A : Indian National Assembly

B : Indian National Association

C : International Association

D : Indian National Army

4. 'There has seldom been a matter which has attracted so much Indian Public Interest and, it is safe to say, sympathy … this particular brand of sympathy cuts across communal barriers.’ Who sympathizes to whom and against whom?


A : Muslims sympathized with Shah Nawaz against the British

B : Hindus sympathized with P.K. Sehgal against the British

C : Sikhs sympathized with Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon against the British

D : Indians sympathized with the persons who were to be trialed

5. The majority of people waiting for trial outside the Red Fort and criticizing Jinnah were the


A : Hindus

B : Muslims

C : Sikhs

D : Hindus and Muslims both

6. The sympathy of Indian soldiers in uniform with the released I.N.A. prisoners at Lahore indicates


A : The feeling of Nationalism and Fraternity

B : Rebellious nature of Indian soldiers

C : Simply to participate in the reception party

D : None of the above

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