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In employees' pension plan, a portion of employees' earnings contribution into the fund is classified as


A : a. cash balance plans

B : b. early retirement window

C : c. deferred profit sharing plan

D : d. savings and thrift plan

The pension plan, in which specific amount of profit is transferred to employees account, that are payable at the time of retirement or death is classified as


A : a. deferred profit sharing plan

B : b. savings and thrift plan

C : c. cash balance plans

D : d. early retirement window

A pension plan, an employer's acknowledgement of financial standing of employee's account, placing percentage on the basis of annual compensation and interest, regarded as


A : a. cash balance plan

B : b. severance pay plan

C : c. early retirement window plan

D : d. employee stock ownership plan

A plan to accommodate employees' preferences of planning for benefit, classified as


A : a. cafeteria benefit plans

B : b. fixed benefit plans

C : c. flexible benefit plans

D : d. both a and c

The kind of pension plan in which employer's contribution is specified in employee's retirement savings funds is classified as


A : a. defined benefit pension plan

B : b. defined contribution pension plan

C : c. defined noncontributory pension plan

D : d. deferred contribution pension plan

The sabbatical leave, funeral leave, jury duty and vacations are the examples of


A : a. optional pay benefits

B : b. unemployment pay benefits

C : c. compensation law benefits

D : d. supplemental pay benefits

For continuous work growth, company's direct, non-financial and financial payments are being received by the employees, categorized as


A : a. benefits

B : b. stock ownership

C : c. loyalty scholarships

D : d. all of above

The benefit paid to terminated employees or laid-off employees is


A : a. vacations and holidays

B : b. lifelong learning

C : c. severance pay

D : d. optional pay benefits

The job schedules in which the employees can work for fewer days, but, for longer time in each day are classified as


A : a. deferred work week

B : b. compressed work week

C : c. flexible work week

D : d. stable work week

The benefits paid for time not worked are also called


A : a. compensation law benefits

B : b. supplemental pay benefits

C : c. optional pay benefits

D : d. unemployment pay benefits

The pay for time not worked, sick leave, supplemental benefits and severance pay are the types of benefits called


A : a. supplemental pay benefits

B : b. optional pay benefits

C : c. compensation law benefits

D : d. unemployment pay benefits

The process of arming the employees of organization with technology tools, to get the jobs done is called


A : a. workplace flexibility

B : b. work hour flexibility

C : c. work week flexibility

D : d. contributory flexibility

The medical organization, consisting of surgeons and specialists that provides routine medical services to employees in exchange of paying nominal fee is called


A : a. preferred health organization

B : b. health maintenance organization

C : c. preferred provider organizations

D : d. preferred maintenance organizations

The process of instituting policies to enable employees to get their accumulated pension plans with ease after leaving the organization is classified as


A : a. compatibility

B : b. durability

C : c. portability

D : d. profitability

The method according to which two or more people share a full time single job, classified as


A : a. severance sharing

B : b. flexible sharing

C : c. benefit sharing

D : d. job sharing

The benefit provided to an individual who is unable to work, due to his or her own faults, regarded as


A : a. optional insurance

B : b. unemployment insurance

C : c. supplemental insurance

D : d. compensatory insurance

The types in which the benefits are classified are


A : a. insurance benefits

B : b. pay for time not worked

C : c. retirement benefits

D : d. all of above

A tax deductible bonus plan according to which employers contribute to a trust for later use for employees is classified as


A : a. early retirement window plan

B : b. employee stock ownership plan

C : c. cash balance plan

D : d. severance pay plan

The benefits provided in certain industries by the employers in unexpected conditions are classified as


A : a. supplemental unemployment benefits

B : b. supplemental employment benefits

C : c. optional employment benefits

D : d. optional unemployment benefits

The workers compensation, disability insurance, health and hospitalization costs are all types of


A : a. employment benefits

B : b. unemployment benefits

C : c. insurance benefits

D : d. optional benefits

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