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Important questions about Communication - Communication Section 3. Communication - Communication Section 3 MCQ questions with answers. Communication - Communication Section 3 exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

1. Communication helps in


A : Persuasion

B : Entertainment

C : Integration

D : Cultural Promotion

2. Speaker-speech-Audience are the elements of whose model of communication?


A : Claud Shannon

B : Aristotle

C : Harold Lasswell

D : Wilbur Schramm

3. Effective teaching is, by and large, a function of the teacher's.


A : Scholarship

B : Punctuality

C : Ability for verbal expression

D : Liking for the profession

4. Where was the highest AIR station setup in 1971?


A : Mumbai

B : Leh

C : Himachal

D : Nainital

5. When were educational programmes by UGC started on TV.?


A : 1980

B : 1982

C : 1983

D : 1984

6. Failure of the teacher to communicate his ideas well to the students may result into


A : Classroom indiscipline

B : Loss of students' interest in the topic being taught.

C : Increased number of absentees in the class

D : All the above

7. Name the project which will connect all police stations in the country in one network.






8. Which of the following will not hamper effective communication in the class?


A : A lengthy statement

B : An ambiguous statement

C : A precise statement

D : A statement which allows the listener to draw his own conclusion.

9. Which of the following steps would you consider first an an effective communicator?


A : Select the channels of communication.

B : Plan the evaluation procedure.

C : Determine the objectives of communication

D : Identify various means for communication

10. Major limitation of mass communication is that


A : It is very costly for the receiver

B : More time is required produce the message.

C : The success of the programme mainly depends upon the producers.

D : The feedback system is weak.

11. The Library and Information Science Department of Mysore University has taken up an ambitious project which aims to create an online database of all doctoral theses and dissertations published by Indian Universities. The project sponsored by the Union Science and Technology Ministry is known as


A : Vidya Bharti

B : Vidya Bahini

C : March Ahead

D : Vidya Nidhi

12. India's first 100 per cent computer literate village is


A : Chamravattam village(Kerala)

B : Sasamosa (Bihar)

C : Guru Nagar (Punjab)

D : None of these

13. Teacher's communication will be more effective if


A : The teacher is amaster in his subject

B : He prepares a good number of instructional aids.

C : He prepares a good number of instructional aids.

D : He starts from what students already know.

14. The technique adopted to find out the level of acceptability of an individual by members of a


A : Personality testing

B : Projective techniques

C : Psychometry

D : Sociometry

15. Which of the following, in your opinion, is a clear evidence for a positive attitude towards the National Anthem?


A : Ability to recite it melodiously

B : Feeling proud as an Indian when it is hear

C : Standing silently whenever it is sung in function

D : Studying its historical and national background and significance.

16. The final goal of feedback in a communication system is to


A : Make necessary modifications in the communication process.

B : Understand more about the content.

C : Identify the defects of the communicator.

D : Detect the limitations of the receiver.

17. The recently launched "Vidya Vahini" is a project related to


A : School computerisation programme

B : TV programme related to mass leteracy

C : Establishment of libraries in rural areas

D : None of these

18. What do you understand by GRPs?


A : The number of readers reading an advertisement

B : The number of advertising insertions in one campaign.

C : The number of points earned by an advertising campaign

D : Any one of these

19. "They have high status in the society. Their number is small but thier influence is strong". This is with reference to what kind of audience?


A : Elite

B : General

C : Specialised

D : None of these

20. The name given to the first radio program was


A : India Radio Times

B : The Indian listener

C : Akashvani

D : None of these

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