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Chromatography and Methods of Purification Online Exam Quiz

Important questions about Chromatography and Methods of Purification. Chromatography and Methods of Purification MCQ questions with answers. Chromatography and Methods of Purification exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

Most common example of extraction is with help of


A : a. Ether

B : b. alcohol

C : c. benzene

D : d. chloroform

If tip of funnel touches side of beaker it avoids


A : a. splashing

B : b. bubbling

C : c. bumping

D : d. backflow

One of most common solvent used for crystallization is


A : a. water

B : b. syrup

C : c. normal saline

D : d. sulphuric acid

Crystals are collected by Gooch crucible with help of


A : a. force

B : b. water bath

C : c. vacuum pump

D : d. centrifuge

Crucible which is made up of porcelain is


A : a. Gooch crucible

B : b. sintered glass crucible

C : c. clay crucible

D : d. none of these

Distribution coefficient is represented by


A : a. K

B : b. S

C : c. H

D : d. G

Chromatography with solid stationary phase is called


A : a. circle chromatography

B : b. Square chromatography

C : c. solid chromatography

D : d. adsorption chromatography

Solvent should dissolve large amount of solute at


A : a. cold temperature

B : b. room temperature

C : c. melting point

D : d. boiling point

To cover one fourth of filter paper with precipitate filter paper should be


A : a. large

B : b. small

C : c. medium

D : d. light

Pattern on paper in chromatography is called


A : a. chroming

B : b. chroma

C : c. chromatograph

D : d. chromatogram

Insoluble impurities from solution during crystallization are removed by


A : a. drying

B : b. filtration

C : c. heating

D : d. cooling

Colour appear ed after extraction of iodine is


A : a. brown

B : b. pink

C : c. purple

D : d. blue

Usually crystals are dried with help of


A : a. fan

B : b. autoclave

C : c. filter paper

D : d. dryer

Solvent extraction is more good if repeated extractions are done using


A : a. Large solvent

B : b. small solvent

C : c. extra solvent

D : d. normal solvent

For crystallization we use solution that should be


A : a. Saturated

B : b. supersaturated

C : c. dilute

D : d. binary

Mobile phase can be


A : a. gas or liquid

B : b. solid or liquid

C : c. only solid

D : d. only gas

Components which have small value of K have affinity for


A : a. mobile phase

B : b. stationary phase

C : c. no phase

D : d. solution

Ether layer is used to separate


A : a. fibres

B : b. inorganic impurities

C : c. organic impurities

D : d. gases

Bigger crystals are yield by


A : a. heating

B : b. no cooling

C : c. fast cooling

D : d. slow cooling

Funnel should be at top of circumference of paper by


A : a. 3-4cm

B : b. 1-2cm

C : c. 4-5cm

D : d. 5-6cm

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