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_____ is the smallest building block of all matter in nature and cannot be divided chemically.


A : a. Element

B : b. Molecule

C : c. Cube

D : d. Atom

A Substance in which all the atoms are of the same kind is called ______


A : a. Blocks

B : b. Pyramid

C : c. Element

D : d. Atom

Approximately how many elements are known to us?


A : a. 20

B : b. 30

C : c. More than 100

D : d. 50

What constitutes the nucleus of the atom?


A : a. Electron

B : b. Proton

C : c. Neutron

D : d. Proton and neutron

The charge on a proton is _____


A : a. Positive

B : b. Negative

C : c. Neutral

D : d. Both positive and Negative

The charge on Electron is _______


A : a. Positive

B : b. Negative

C : c. Neutral

D : d. Both positive and Negative

The smallest part of an element that cannot exist as a free state is __________


A : a. Ion

B : b. Charge

C : c. Atom

D : d. Molecule

What are positively charged Ions in a solution called?


A : a. Cation

B : b. Anion

C : c. Atom

D : d. Element

Atoms of the same element or of different elements combine into larger units which are called ______


A : a. Atom

B : b. Molecule

C : c. Ion

D : d. Element

C?H?O? is the chemical formula for _____


A : a. Ascorbic Acid

B : b. Lactic Acid

C : c. Tartaric Acid

D : d. Lactose

Modern model of the atom shows that electrons are the outside nucleus in a region of high _______


A : a. Probability

B : b. Velocity

C : c. Speed

D : d. Energy level

Chemical symbol is the representation of _______


A : a. Chemical formula

B : b. Molecular formula

C : c. Structural formula

D : d. Atomic Formula

Smaller particles in atom are called ________


A : a. Atomic Particles

B : b. Sub-atomic particles

C : c. Smaller Particles

D : d. Neutral Particles

Most part of the atom is _______


A : a. Empty

B : b. Filled

C : c. Charged

D : d. Covered

Number of Protons and electrons in an atom are _______


A : a. Different

B : b. Same

C : c. Average

D : d. Constant

An electric field deflects beams of _______


A : a. Protons

B : b. Electrons

C : c. Neutrons

D : d. Protons and electrons

True about cow’s milk are all except:


A : a. Cow’s milk contains 80% whey protein not casein

B : b. Cow milk has less carbohydrate than mother’s milk

C : c. Has more K? and Na? than infant formula feeds

D : d. Has more protein than breast milk

What is the moisture content of cow milk?


A : a. 30%

B : b. 50%

C : c. 83%

D : d. 90%

What is the fat percentage of cow milk?


A : a. 9%

B : b. 10%

C : c. 15%

D : d. 4%

Milk is an emulsion of _____ in water.


A : a. Oil

B : b. Water

C : c. Soap

D : d. Dirt

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