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Unit of electro negativity is


A : a. one

B : b. two

C : c. none

D : d. three

Ionization energies is influenced by nature of


A : a. orbital

B : b. nuclear

C : c. atom

D : d. electron

First ionization energy of carbon is


A : a. 1084

B : b. 1085

C : c. 1086

D : d. 1087

Value of radii of cation and anion is


A : a. c+ and c-

B : b. a+ and a-

C : c. r+ and r-

D : d. none

When atomic radius increases electron affinity


A : a. decreases

B : b. increases

C : c. neutral

D : d. no effect

Electro negativity of fluorine atom is more then


A : a. hydrogen

B : b. oxygen

C : c. nitrogen

D : d. carbon

From left to right in a period of periodic table proton number


A : a. decrease

B : b. neutral

C : c. increase

D : d. none

Ionic radius of Cl- ion increases from


A : a. 99pm to 181pm

B : b. 19pm to 81pm

C : c. 81pm to 99pm

D : d. 181pm to 199pm

Those elements which have intermediate values of ionization energies are mostly


A : a. metals

B : b. nonmetals

C : c. metalloids

D : d. magnet

Sign given to electron affinity is


A : a. positive

B : b. negative

C : c. neutral

D : d. no sign

A similar type of bond is expected between elements of group


A : a. IA and IIA

B : b. IIA and VIA

C : c. IIIA and VA

D : d. IA and IIIA

Electro negativity of potassium atom is


A : a. 0.7

B : b. 0.6

C : c. 0.8

D : d. 0.9

Atom which donates major share of its electrons in formation of HF is


A : a. fluorine

B : b. hydrogen

C : c. nitrogen

D : d. chlorine

Positive charge holds electrons more tightly thus removal of electrons become more


A : a. easy

B : b. difficult

C : c. neutral

D : d. natural

In fluorine, incoming electrons are repel by the


A : a. thick cloud

B : b. outer most shell

C : c. nucleus

D : d. atomic radii

Shielding effect is responsible for decrease in force of attraction of nucleus for electrons present I the


A : a. outer most shell

B : b. inner shell

C : c. valence shell

D : d. second shell

From left to right in a period, shielding effect remains


A : a. same

B : b. different

C : c. increase

D : d. decrease

Electro negativity values of elements is calculated by


A : a. bohar

B : b. Paul

C : c. Zeeman

D : d. stalk

Probability distribution of electrons can be affected by


A : a. far atoms

B : b. near atoms

C : c. each and every atom

D : d. neighboring atoms

Electro negativity of sodium atom is


A : a. 0.6

B : b. 0.9

C : c. 0.7

D : d. 0.8

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