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Important questions about Cell Division Cycle. Cell Division Cycle MCQ questions with answers. Cell Division Cycle exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

Which of following should be attached for activation of cell cycle kinases?


A : a. lipase

B : b. protease

C : c. cyclin

D : d. oxidase

Which term defines division of cytoplasm?


A : a. Nucleosis

B : b. meiosis

C : c. cytokinesis

D : d. mitosis

For division of which of following cells, Platelet-derived Growth Factor (PDGF) is required?


A : a. reproductive cells

B : b. somatic cells

C : c. fibroblast

D : d. muscle cells

By how many years have prokaryotes preceded eukaryotes on earth?


A : a. a billion

B : b. 5 billion

C : c. 200 million

D : d. 50 million

Which of following is shortest phase of cell cycle?


A : a. s phase

B : b. m phase

C : c. interphase

D : d. g phase

Which of following is an example of single-celled Eukaryote?


A : a. virus

B : b. bacteria

C : c. archaea

D : d. amoeba

Cell cycle checkpoint is present in all following phases except


A : a. m phase

B : b. g1 phase

C : c. g2 phase

D : d. s phase

In which of following forms, Genomic DNA is present in bacteria?


A : a. linear

B : b. circular

C : c. scattered

D : d. clustered

Spread of cancer cells to parts of body other than origin site is called


A : a. spreading

B : b. metastasis

C : c. transformation

D : d. transduction

How many chromosomes are there in chimpanzees?


A : a. 90

B : b. 48

C : c. 56

D : d. 123

A tumor that can cause serious problems in body is called


A : a. safe

B : b. malignant

C : c. premature

D : d. benign

Which of following is an example of an anticancer drug?


A : a. Taxol

B : b. Panadol

C : c. heparin

D : d. ribavirin

Which of following is longest phase of cell cycle?


A : a. m phase

B : b. g phase

C : c. s phase

D : d. interphase

Kinase proteins affect activity of other proteins by


A : a. phosphorylation

B : b. de phosphorylation

C : c. hydrogenation

D : d. oxidation

Protein complexes that hold two sister chromatids together are called


A : a. Attachins

B : b. Cohesins

C : c. Bindins

D : d. rivets

How many chromosomes are there in elephants?


A : a. 56

B : b. 90

C : c. 48

D : d. 123

Which of following has characteristic of a cell plate?


A : a. prokaryotic cells

B : b. reproductive cells

C : c. somatic cells

D : d. plant cells

Mitotic spindle originates from


A : a. centromere

B : b. centrosome

C : c. chromatin

D : d. histones

Protein around which DNA is wound is called


A : a. histones

B : b. Chromatosomes

C : c. chromatin

D : d. nucleosome

DNA is organized in cell in small structures called


A : a. nucleosome

B : b. Chromatosomes

C : c. endosomes

D : d. chromosomes

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