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Death or mental retardation takes place if accumulation happens in


A : a. somatic cells

B : b. brain cells

C : c. meristemetic cells

D : d. sensory cells

In a normal human being number of chromosomes is


A : a. 23

B : b. 46

C : c. 53

D : d. 26

Pigments containing bodies which are bounded by membrane are called


A : a. plastids

B : b. chlorophyll

C : c. chloroplast

D : d. hemoglobin

In word Lysosoma, 'lyso' means splitting and 'soma' means


A : a. cell

B : b. body

C : c. tissue

D : d. organic

Phagocytosed food is digested with help of enzymes which are present in


A : a. ribosome

B : b. lysosomes

C : c. mitochondria

D : d. Golgi complex

Lysosomes which eat parts of their own cell in state of starvation are called


A : a. autophagosomes

B : b. autophagocytosis

C : c. auto retarded

D : d. auto destruction

Substances are allowed to pass through cell membrane to maintain a constant


A : a. concentration

B : b. gradient

C : c. temperature

D : d. ph

Fluid Mosaic Model favors that cell membrane contains proteins which are embedded in fashion of


A : a. zigzag

B : b. criss-cross

C : c. mosaic

D : d. eplic

Function of detoxifying harmful drugs from body is done by


A : a. smooth endoplasmic reticulum

B : b. rough endoplasmic reticulum

C : c. smooth exoplasmic reticulum

D : d. rough exoplasmic reticulum

Golgi apparatus is found virtually in all cells which are in nature


A : a. Prokaryotic

B : b. eukaryotic

C : c. protozoan's

D : d. protoctists

Those tubular membranes which separates material of endoplasmic reticulum are called


A : a. chromatids

B : b. cisternae

C : c. tubular membranes

D : d. tubules

Prokaryotic cells have a specialized material with them called as


A : a. peptidoglycan/murein

B : b. pectin

C : c. peptidoglucose

D : d. peptidoaminose

A chromosome is composed of a DNA and


A : a. lipids

B : b. proteins

C : c. gene

D : d. sugars

Structural and functional unit of life is called


A : a. cell

B : b. tissues

C : c. organelle

D : d. DNA

Exchange of materials takes place between nucleus and cytoplasm with help of


A : a. nuclear pores

B : b. nuclear membrane

C : c. nucleus

D : d. chromatin network

There are 48 chromosomes in a cell of a


A : a. chimpanzee

B : b. human being

C : c. drosophila

D : d. monkey

Absence of enzyme which helps in catabolism of lipids, lead towards disease called


A : a. glycogenesis

B : b. hay fever

C : c. Tay sach's

D : d. polio

Cellulose, pectin, and hemicelluloses together make up to form a


A : a. primary wall

B : b. secondary wall

C : c. middle wall

D : d. tertiary wall

Arrangement of molecules of a primary wall is in sequence of


A : a. zigzag

B : b. criss-cross

C : c. spiral

D : d. conjugated

Protein structures which are long, unbranched and slender tubules are called


A : a. microfilaments

B : b. microtubules

C : c. intermediate tubules

D : d. chromatin fibers

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