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Important questions about Cattle Health and Diseases. Cattle Health and Diseases MCQ questions with answers. Cattle Health and Diseases exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

Farm marketing cooperatives have been in existence since the early?


A : a. 1800’s

B : b. 1900’s

C : c. 1700’s

D : d. 1920’s

Federal Milk Marketing Orders affect prices consumers pay for fresh milk in grocery stores by?


A : a. Adjusting them according to demand

B : b. Adjusting them according to supply

C : c. Leaving them to be determined in the marketplace

D : d. Setting them only once yearly

What percent of exported U.S. dairy products are sold without a subsidy?


A : a. 0 %

B : b. 50 %

C : c. 80 %

D : d. 95 %

Dairy farmers receive what percent of the sale of a half-gallon of milk?


A : a. 46 %

B : b. 15 %

C : c. 26 %

D : d. 96 %

Demand for dairy products is typically the lowest in?


A : a. Spring

B : b. Summer

C : c. Fall

D : d. Winter

What percent of today’s youth consume the recommended amount of dairy products?


A : a. 10%

B : b. 30%

C : c. 50%

D : d. 75%

Milk that is used to make butter is classified as which class in Federal Orders?


A : a. Class I

B : b. Class II

C : c. Class III

D : d. Class IV

Milk prices on average are the lowest in?


A : a. Summer

B : b. Fall

C : c. Spring

D : d. Winter

The Federal Orders of today are based on the Agricultural Agreement Act of?


A : a. 1927

B : b. 1947

C : c. 1937

D : d. 1966

The practice that distributes payments for milk among the producers within a specific Federal Milk Marketing Order is called?


A : a. Pool pricing

B : b. Classified pricing

C : c. Support pricing

D : d. Differential pricing

What piece of legislation made farmer cooperatives legal?


A : a. Sherman Act

B : b. Capper-Volstead Act

C : c. Farm Bill

D : d. Barkley Act

To be labeled made with organic ingredients a dairy product must contain _________ percent or more organic ingredients.


A : a. 100

B : b. 90

C : c. 80

D : d. 70

The reason that testing of milk is done in laboratories of the USDA Milk Market Orders is?


A : a. To assure safety of the supply

B : b. To provide an accurate accounting for amounts of milk solids sold in the order

C : c. To make sure food and drug law is followed

D : d. To provide data for the US Statistical Reporting Service

Milk traits, i.e. fat, protein, SNF, and etc), tend to have a heritability of about __________


A : a. Less than 10%

B : b. 20-30%

C : c. 40-50%

D : d. More than 50%

Cows treated with BST typically show an increase of __________ in daily milk production.


A : a. 2%

B : b. 10%

C : c. 20%

D : d. 30%

What does NMPF stand for?


A : a. Northern Milk Producers Formulation

B : b. Never marry poor farmers

C : c. National Milk Producers Federation

D : d. National Milk Protein Foundation

What does NFO stand for?


A : a. National Feed Organization

B : b. National Farmers Order

C : c. National Farmers Organization

D : d. National Flea Optimist

Who is the current U.S. Secretary of Agriculture?


A : a. Ann Veneman

B : b. Mike Johanns

C : c. Dan Glickman

D : d. Buddy L. Winny

What is the BFP?


A : a. Basic Formula Preparation

B : b. Basic Formula Price

C : c. Barely Feasible Profit

D : d. Butter Fat Price

What percentage of whole milk is fat when compared on a dry matter basis?


A : a. About 10 percent

B : b. About 50 percent

C : c. About 25 percent

D : d. Exactly 100 percent

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