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1. Who is the author of the book 'My Experiments with Truth'?


A : Mahatma Gandhi

B : Michael Anderson

C : Winston Churchill

D : Jarnes Morris

2. 'Eight Lives' is a book written by


A : Raja Ramana

B : Savita Ambedkar

C : Mahesh Yogi

D : Raj Mohan Gandhi

3. Lala Lajpat Rai is the author of the book


A : India Divided

B : Unhappy India

C : Mother India

D : Hind Swaraj

4. Who directed the film 'Sardar'?


A : Das Gupta

B : Shyam Benegal

C : Tapan Sinha

D : Ketan Mehta

5. 'A Secular Agenda' is a book written by


A : Arun Shourie

B : Mani Shankar Aiyar

C : Prem Shankar Jha

D : M.J. Akbar

6. The original name of 'Mahabharata' is


A : Katha Saritsagar

B : Jai Samhita

C : Vrahat Katha

D : Rajatarangini

7. Who is the author of the book 'Freedom Behind Bars '


A : Kiran Bedi

B : Jawaharlal Nehru

C : Nelson Mandela

D : Sheikh Abdullah

8. Who is the author of the book New India?


A : Manik Bandopadhyay

B : Annie Besant

C : John Milton

D : None

9. Which of the following is not written by Munshi Premchand


A : Gaban

B : Godan

C : Manasorovar

D : Guide

10. The book 'India of our Dreams' was written by ___ ?


A : Dr. Rajendra Prasad

B : M.V. Kamath

C : Dr. Subramanian

D : Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

1. The film 'Salaam Bombay' was directed by


A : Shyam Benegal

B : Mira Nair

C : Aparna Sen

D : Mrinal Sen

2. The famous character 'Pickwick' was created by


A : Steven Spielberg

B : Leo Tolstoy

C : Walt Disney

D : Charles dickens

3. 'Crime and Punishment' was written by


A : Fyodor Dostoevsky

B : Vladimir Nabakov

C : Lewis Carrol

D : Alexander Solzhenitsyn

4. Which of the following English films was the first one to be dubbed in Hindi?


A : Aladdin

B : Universal Soldier

C : Speed

D : Iron Man

5. Who is the author of famous statement: "That Government is the best which governs least"?


A : Herbert Spencer

B : Harold Laski

C : Alexis De Tocqueville

D : Henry David Thoreau

6. Who directed the world famous film 'The Gandhi'?


A : Ben Kingsley

B : Satyajit Ray

C : Mrinal Sen

D : Richard Attenborough

7. The author of the book 'Waiting for the Mahatma' is


A : R.K. Narayan

B : N.A. Palkhiwala

C : Amrita Pritam

D : Manohar Malgonkar

8. Who is the author of the book 'Naked Triangle'?


A : R.K.Narayan

B : Amrita Pritam

C : Balwant Gargi

D : Khushwant Singh

9. The book 'Satanic Verses' was written by


A : Gunnar Myrdal

B : William Golding

C : Salman Rushdie

D : Agatha Christie

10. 'The Gathering Storm' is written by


A : Winston Churchill

B : George Washington

C : Voltaire

D : Romain Rolland

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