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1. Ptyalin is an enzyme produced in the


A : salivary glands

B : pituitary glands

C : thyroid glands

D : pancreas

2. One of the following is most suitable for study of mutations


A : Haploids

B : Diploids

C : Tetraploids

D : Polyploid

3. Most highly intelligent mammals are


A : whales

B : dolphins

C : elephants

D : kangaroos

4. Prokaryotic cells lack


A : nucleolus

B : nuclear membrane

C : membrane bound by organelles

D : All of these

5. Organic Substances which, in very small amounts, control growth and development called


A : vitamins

B : hormones

C : enzymes

D : None of the above

6. Phloem is a tissue found in


A : reproductive organs of animals

B : plants

C : insects

D : mammals

7. Night blindness is cause by lack of which vitamin?


A : Vitamin A

B : Vitamin B

C : Vitamin C

D : Vitamin D

8. Plants absorb dissolved nitrates from soil and convert them into


A : free nitrogen

B : urea

C : ammonia

D : proteins

9. Most of the red, blue and purple colours of plants are due to a pigment called


A : anthocyanin

B : carotene

C : chlorophyll

D : xanthophylls

10. Plant bends towards the source of light on account of the movement of curvature known as


A : geotropism

B : thigmotropism

C : chemotropism

D : phototropism

1. Other than spreading malaria, anopheles mosquitoes are also vectors of


A : dengue fever

B : filariasis

C : encephalitis

D : yellow fever

2. Plants absorb most part of water needed by them through their


A : embryonic zone

B : growing point

C : root hairs

D : zone of elongation

3. Nitrogen is fixed in ecosystems in ways stated below. Which one of the statements below is false?


A : By cyanobacteria

B : By electrical discharges in the atmosphere

C : By industrially synthesised fertilizer

D : By denitrification

4. Monocot root differs from dicot root in having


A : open vascular bundles

B : scattered vascular bundles

C : well developed pith

D : radially arranged vascular bundles

5. Plants that grow in saline water are called


A : halophytes

B : hydrophytes

C : mesophytes

D : thallophytes

6. Plants wilt due to excess of


A : transpiration

B : photosynthesis

C : absorption

D : None of these

7. O 2 released in the process of photosynthesis comes from


A : CO 2

B : water

C : sugar

D : pyruvic acid

8. Photo-oxidation is


A : photorespiration

B : photolysis

C : light and oxygen induced breakdown

D : All of the above

9. One of the following is not a function of bones.


A : Place for muscle attachment

B : Protection of vital organs

C : Secretion of hormones for calcium regulation in blood and bones

D : Production of blood corpuscles

10. Norepinephrine increases


A : respiration

B : urine production

C : saliva production

D : blood pressure

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