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Lipids provide insulation against cold and hot weather to exoskeleton of insects in form of


A : a. cutin

B : b. waxes

C : c. cholesterol

D : d. oil

On hydrolysis, sucrose gives one glucose and one


A : a. fructose

B : b. maltose

C : c. lactose

D : d. ribose

A large and important group of compound which can be made by repetition of simple isoprenoid units, is called


A : a. Terpenoids

B : b. steroids

C : c. carotenoids

D : d. terpenses

Scientist who first isolated nuclei of pus cells was


A : a. F.Sanger

B : b. M.steward

C : c. F.Miescher

D : d. A.Einstein

Tetroses are not very common, they are found rare in nature and in few


A : a. viruses

B : b. bacteria

C : c. plants

D : d. animals

NAD is an abbreviation for


A : a. Nicotine Abusive Department

B : b. Nicotine Avoid Directions

C : c. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide

D : d. Nicotinamide dinucleotide

A protein which act as a carrier and transport oxygen and carbon dioxide in human body is known as


A : a. hemoglobin

B : b. immunoglobulin

C : c. lipids

D : d. antibody

Greater number of carbon atoms in chain results in higher


A : a. melting point

B : b. boiling point

C : c. freezing point

D : d. stability

Number of nucleotide in a tRNA chain length is


A : a. 70-90

B : b. 75-95

C : c. 70-80

D : d. 75-90

Main sources of carbohydrates are


A : a. milk

B : b. water

C : c. green plants

D : d. proteins

Sequence if amino acids in DNA can be determined by order of


A : a. mRNA

B : b. tRNA

C : c. rRNA

D : d. nucleotides

Phosphoric acid can be joined with OH group of a pentose sugar with help of


A : a. phosphodiester bond

B : b. ionic bond

C : c. covalent bond

D : d. ester linkage

Proteins are classified into two groups, i.e. Fibrous proteins and


A : a. glandular proteins

B : b. globular proteins

C : c. Enzymatic proteins

D : d. Storage proteins

RNA is synthesized from DNA by process of


A : a. translation

B : b. transcription

C : c. transgenic

D : d. duplication

Anabolism and catabolism are types of


A : a. chemical reaction

B : b. chain reactions

C : c. metabolism

D : d. complex reactions

Chemical composition of an acylglycerols is esters of fatty acids and


A : a. bases

B : b. alcohol

C : c. water

D : d. acids

Microorganisms secrete an enzyme which helps in digestion of cellulose known as


A : a. cellulase

B : b. catalase

C : c. sucrase

D : d. pepsin

Derivatives of phosphatidic acid, which are composed of glycerol, fatty acids and phosphoric acids are known as


A : a. phospholipids

B : b. acylghycerols

C : c. triglycerides

D : d. esters

Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin determine structure of DNA using technique called


A : a. X-ray Diffraction

B : b. X-ray Refraction

C : c. X-ray Reflection

D : d. Y-ray Refraction

Lipids which are fats and oils are lighter, than water therefore have a specific gravity of about


A : a. 0.6

B : b. 0.8

C : c. 0.9

D : d. 0.1

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