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'Atom' name was given by


A : a. Democritus

B : b. Bohr

C : c. Rutherford

D : d. Archimedes

Number of unstable isotopes are


A : a. 300

B : b. 50

C : c. 370

D : d. 360

Empirical formula of benzene is similar to


A : a. water

B : b. glycerin

C : c. hydrogen peroxide

D : d. glucose

Relative number of ions in mass spectrometer is plotted as


A : a. shells

B : b. z axis

C : c. abscissa

D : d. ordinate

Isotopes present in nature are


A : a. 270

B : b. 280

C : c. 290

D : d. 300

Relationships which can be studied by stoichiometry are


A : a. 6

B : b. 5

C : c. 4

D : d. 3

A macromolecule found in blood is


A : a. Ferritin

B : b. albumin

C : c. Hemoglobin

D : d. Keratin

Ascorbic acid is another name for vitamin


A : a. A

B : b. B

C : c. C

D : d. D

Ions having positive charges are


A : a. captions

B : b. anions

C : c. molecules

D : d. atoms

Mass of one mole of water molecule is


A : a. 22g

B : b. 28g

C : c. 20g

D : d. 18g

Number of isotopes which oxygen atom has, are


A : a. three

B : b. five

C : c. nine

D : d. two

C?H?O? is empirical formula for vitamin


A : a. C

B : b. A

C : c. B

D : d. D

Moleis defined as mass of an element divided by


A : a. Molar mass

B : b. atomic number

C : c. atomic mass

D : d. empirical formula

Ordinary microscope can measure up to


A : a. 400nm

B : b. 500nm

C : c. 200nm

D : d. 700nm

Molecules expressed by formula unit mass are


A : a. atoms

B : b. neutral gases

C : c. covalent

D : d. ionic

Positive ion formation is


A : a. Exothermic

B : b. Endothermic

C : c. no energy

D : d. neutral

Modern method for separation of isotopes is


A : a. laser separation

B : b. chromatography

C : c. ionization

D : d. X-ray

Formation of negative ion is


A : a. Exothermic

B : b. Endothermic

C : c. energy less

D : d. neutral

In new spectrometers each ion hits a


A : a. Detector

B : b. ionizer

C : c. collector

D : d. graph

Reactant which controls amount of products is


A : a. deficient reactant

B : b. limiting reactant

C : c. excess reactant

D : d. none of these

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