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1. The purpose of a cylinder head gasket is to


A : prevent the combustion gases from leaking from the joint between the cylinder block and the cylinder head

B : prevent engine oil from going into combustion chamber

C : removes impurities from cylinder head lubricating oil

D : none of the above

2. The major purpose of an electronically-controlled automatic transmission is that this type of transmission


A : eliminates gear clutches

B : eliminates the gear shift lever

C : reduces the number of automatic-transmission components

D : reduces shift shock and achieves more efficient transmission of engine torque

3. The air resistance to a car at 20 kmph is R . The air resistance at 40 kmph will be


A : R

B : 2 R

C : 4 R

D : 4 R 2

4. The service brakes employed in cars are generally operated


A : mechanically

B : hydraulically

C : pneumatically

D : none of these

5. The aspect ratio (expressed in percentage) of the tyre is defined as the ratio of


A : section width to section height

B : section height to section width

C : wheel diameter to section height

D : wheel diameter to section width

6. The octane rating of petrol commerically available is


A : 85-95

B : 95-100

C : 100-110

D : 110-125

7. The function of a second ring is that it is a


A : back up compression ring which will work in place of the top ring when it is broken

B : compression ring and aids the top ring in sealing and cooling

C : back up oil control ring which will work in place of the bottom ring when it is broken

D : cushion ring which prevents piston slap and knock

8. In order to implement gear changes in the gear unit of an automatic transmission, a __________ is used.


A : synchronizer

B : planetary gear

C : magnetic clutch

D : hydraulic multi plate clutch

9. The compression ratio for Diesel engines usually lies in the range of


A : 6-10

B : 10-15

C : 15-25

D : 25-40

10. The ball joints are used on the tie-rod ends, because they


A : reduce the amount of noise generated

B : reduce the amount of sliding resistance

C : can deal with movement of the suspension both vertically and in other directions

D : improve the force transmission speed

1. Instead of valves, the ports are used in case of


A : four stroke I.C. engines

B : two-stroke I.C. engines

C : V-6 engines

D : none of these

2. With the increase of battery temperature, the specific gravity of electrolyte


A : increases

B : decreases

C : reamains the same

D : none of these

3. The basic purpose of a four wheel drive (4WD) system is that it


A : delivers improved cornering on dry road surfaces

B : eliminates the need of snow tyres, tyre chains, etc.

C : ensures effective transmission of engine torque to all four wheels, even on slippery road surfaces

D : ensures that effective braking can be performed, even on slippery surfaces

4. The main function of the brake fluid is


A : lubrication

B : power transmission

C : cooling

D : none of these

5. The firing order for an opposed four cylinder l.C. engine is


A : 1-2-3-4

B : 1-3-4-2

C : 1-4-3-2

D : 1-3-24

6. The exhaust gas from petrol engine contains


A : petrol vapours

B : water vapours

C : carbon monoxide

D : all of these

7. The composition of the electrolyte in a fully charged battery is that


A : the electrolyte is pure distilled water

B : the electrolyte is pure sulphuric acid

C : the electrolyte is a mixture of 64% distilled water and 36% sulphuric acid by weight

D : the electrolyte is a mixture of 90% distilled water and 10% sulphuric acid by weight

8. The torque converter uses __________ to transfer torque.


A : air

B : automatic transmission fluid (ATF)

C : gears

D : steel belt

9. The process of supplying the intake air to the engine cylinder at a pressure greater than the pressure of the surrounding atmosphere is known as


A : supercharging

B : auto-ignition

C : scavenging

D : detonation

10. The petrol engine works on


A : Otto cycle

B : Carnot cycle

C : Diesel cycle

D : Rankine cycle

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