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Energy of electron -52.53kilo joule per mole is for


A : a. first orbit of hydrogen

B : b. second orbit of hydrogen

C : c. third orbit of hydrogen

D : d. fifth orbit of hydrogen

Lines which are present in atomic emission spectrum are


A : a. brown

B : b. dark

C : c. bright

D : d. translucent

The Pauli's Exclusion principle states that two electrons in same orbitals have


A : a. same spins

B : b. different spins

C : c. opposite spins

D : d. vertical spins

Dual characteristic of metals was described by


A : a. Max Planck

B : b. Stoney

C : c. Moseley

D : d. Louis DE Broglie

Existence of neutron was predicted by Rutherford in year


A : a. 1920

B : b. 1980

C : c. 1900

D : d. 1970

Atomic model is


A : a. flat

B : b. not flat

C : c. in one plane

D : d. in one dimension

Moseley law helped us to discover


A : a. Pr

B : b. Tc

C : c. potassium

D : d. sodium

Maximum number of electrons that can be accommodated in a shell is given by


A : a. 2n2

B : b. 2n3

C : c. 2n

D : d. none

N+l value of 6p orbital is


A : a. 5

B : b. 3

C : c. 7

D : d. 8

In Rutherford atomic model alpha particles were stroked on


A : a. aluminum

B : b. gold

C : c. silver

D : d. titanium

Series which is further divided into smaller lines is


A : a. Balmer series

B : b. Pfund series

C : c. Brackett series

D : d. Lyman series

Energy of electron is zero


A : a. near nucleus

B : b. at infinity

C : c. in first orbit

D : d. in last orbit

Visible spectrum has


A : a. six colors

B : b. five colors

C : c. seven colors

D : d. nine colors

Spectrum of different colored lines is characteristic of


A : a. sodium

B : b. potassium

C : c. hydrogen

D : d. nitrogen

Cathode rays produced yellow fluorescence when strike


A : a. alumina

B : b. sodium

C : c. tin stone

D : d. potassium chromate

When an electron jumps from its orbit to another orbit, energy is


A : a. emitted only

B : b. absorbed only

C : c. emitted and absorbed

D : d. no effect

Unit used for measuring wavelength is


A : a. angstrom

B : b. centimeter

C : c. meter

D : d. millimeter

Magnetic quantum number is also called


A : a. 1st quantum number

B : b. 2nd quantum number

C : c. 3rd quantum number

D : d. 4th quantum number

By e/m ratio of cathode rays, we deduce they are


A : a. protons

B : b. electrons

C : c. neutrons

D : d. anti neutron

Second orbit of hydrogen is far from first orbit at about


A : a. two times

B : b. six times

C : c. four times

D : d. nine times

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