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Important questions about Anthropology and Psychology. Anthropology and Psychology MCQ questions with answers. Anthropology and Psychology exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

Intelligence tests are


A : a. Are accurate measurements of intelligence

B : b. Are culturally un-biased

C : c. Favor bi-lingual students

D : d. Demonstrate genetically based racial differences in intelligence

Linguistic anthropologists study


A : a. language in a social context

B : b. Comparisons between language

C : c. Universal features of language

D : d. Ancient languages

Archaeological anthropologists traditionally study all of the following, except


A : a. Trash

B : b. Fragments of pottery

C : c. Plant remains

D : d. Human tissue

Psychological anthropology is


A : a. Studies the change in psychology over time

B : b. Relates human psychology to social and cultural variation

C : c. Focuses on the "norms" in every society

D : d. Was developed during the early years of anthropology

According to anthropologists have used what to study business settings


A : a. Ethnography

B : b. Sampling

C : c. Questioners

D : d. Snow bowling

Development anthropologists can help


A : a. Development projects avoid embarrassing cultural gaffes

B : b. To inform project developers of important cultural norm

C : c. To communicate development project goals to people

D : d. To understand the human dimension of environmental degradation

Which is not an example of applied anthropology?


A : a. Forensics

B : b. Medical anthropology

C : c. Development anthropology

D : d. Sociolinguistics

The Kottak text suggests that there are proportionally more black football and basketball players in the U.S. and proportionally more white tennis, golf, and hockey players because of all the reasons, except


A : a. Differential access to equipment and facilities

B : b. Cultural traditions of excellence in those sports

C : c. Race-based physical differences

D : d. Different patterns of play among children

A high-tech companies, such as Xerox, IMB, and Apple have employed like


A : a. Engineers

B : b. Doctors

C : c. Anthropologists

D : d. Sociologists

Traditionally, anthropologists would be least interested in


A : a. Cultural change over time

B : b. Third World subsistence strategies

C : c. Art consumption by the elite in modern societies

D : d. Diversity among cultures

According to anthropologists discusses the value of an anthropologists-in- residence in a large complex orgnization such as hospital or a business is said by


A : a. Carol Taylor

B : b. Lieban

C : c. Green

D : d. Max

Anthropology is not


A : a. A field of science

B : b. A field of the humanities

C : c. A field of social science

D : d. A field with a narrow set of research questions

According to anthropology Ethnology is


A : a. Provides an account of a particular community, society, or culture

B : b. Reconstructs, describes, and interprets past human behaviors

C : c. examines, interprets, analyzes, and compares the results of other anthropological studies

D : d. is a systematic field of study or body of knowledge that aims, through experiment, observation, and

According to anthropology biological anthropology is


A : a. Related to zoology

B : b. Studies of bones

C : c. Studies monkeys

D : d. Considers the environment

When the text says that anthropology is holistic, it means that


A : a. Anthropology studies all living examples of human culture

B : b. Anthropology studies all cultures

C : c. Anthropology studies all means of human production

D : d. Anthropology studies all human languages

A biological anthropologist might be interested in


A : a. Studying an orangutan

B : b. Studying human D.N.A

C : c. Determining the age and sex of a murder victim

D : d. Determining why some humans have darker skin than others

Ethnographic research in an auto factory may view workers, managers, and executives as different social categories participating in a common social system each group has characteristic attitudes, values and behaviors these are called as


A : a. Adaptation

B : b. Micro-enculturation

C : c. Macro-enculturation

D : d. All of the above

Margaret Mead was


A : a. Studied physical anthropology

B : b. Worked in the Trobriand Islands

C : c. Was an advisor of Franz Boas

D : d. Often appeared on The Tonight Show

Which field of anthropology have acted as cultural brokers, translating managers goals or workers concern to the other group is called as


A : a. Physical anthropology

B : b. Social anthropology

C : c. Archaeological anthropology

D : d. Applied anthropology

Anthropology has strong links to all of following academic fields, except


A : a. History

B : b. Zoology

C : c. Economics

D : d. Physics

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