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1. What does this symbol mean '&'?


A : Caret

B : Bar

C : Ampersand

D : Reversed Caret

2. 8(6+5) - 10 =?


A : 76

B : 78

C : 80

D : 82

3. How many lines of symmetry does a Pentagon have?


A : 4

B : 5

C : 6

D : 0

4. What do you understand by - 'If K is there L has to be there'


A : K & L will always be together

B : K is not there, then L will not be there

C : k is there, then L will also be there

D : K & L will always be not together

5. A university library budget committee must reduce exactly five of eight areas of expenditure?I, J, K, L, M, N, O and P?in accordance with the following conditions: If both I and O are reduced, P is also reduced. If L is reduced, neither N nor O is reduced. If M is reduced, J is not reduced. Of the three areas J, K, and N exactly two are reduced. Question : If both K and N are reduced, which one of the following is a pair of areas neither of which could be reduced?


A : I, L

B : J, L

C : J, M

D : I, J

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