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Important questions about African-American Literature - MCQ. African-American Literature - MCQ MCQ questions with answers. African-American Literature - MCQ exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

In Paul Laurence Dunbar’s “A Cabin Tale,” which character is a trickster figure?


A : Weasel.

B : Bear.

C : The farmer.

D : The young boy.

The importance of Lucy Terry’s “Bars Fight” is______________?


A : The poem is the first-known writing of an African American.

B : The poem is better than the poems of the more famous Phillis Wheatley.

C : The poem is the first of many poems by Terry.

D : The poetry focuses on slave life in the 18th century.

The character of Delia in Zora Neale Hurston’s “Sweat” was influenced by______________?


A : Her relationship with a patron.

B : Her mother.

C : Her best friend.

D : Her job as a waitress.

The trickster figure is usually_______________?


A : Amoral (neither good nor evil)

B : Christian

C : Evil

D : None of these

In Chapter XV of William Wells Brown’s Clotel, Clotel is described as a quadroon. What does this mean ?


A : She is one-quarter Black.

B : She is one-eighth Black.

C : She is White.

D : She cannot be a slave.

Yusef Komunyakaa’s “Blue Dementia” is an example of what kind of poetry ?


A : Protest poetry

B : Romantic poetry

C : Lyric poetry

D : Jazz poetry

Harriet Jacobs wrote Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl to show______________?


A : That female slaves were escaping more frequently than men.

B : How slavery was worse for men.

C : How females were affected by slavery.

D : That female slaves were more valuable than male slaves.

In Paul Laurence Dunbar’s “When Malindy Sings,” what kind of music is Malindy singing ?


A : Cakewalk tunes.

B : Gospel.

C : Jazz.

D : Blues.

In Chapter XV of William Wells Brown’s Clotel, why was Clotel made to cut her long hair ?


A : The mistress of the house was afraid her husband would be attracted to Clotel.

B : To keep the lice away.

C : So that the other slaves would get along with her.

D : So she could sell it.

The term “Civil Disobedience” was coined by which author ?


A : William Gates

B : Henry David Thoreau

C : Booker T. Washington

D : Alain Locke

The subject of Soujourner Truth’s “Ain’t I a Woman” is_______________?


A : Women’s rights.

B : Negro rights.

C : The right to keep one’s children.

D : A and B.

In Nikki Giovanni’s “The American Vision of Lincoln,” the poet argues that the Capitol needs a statue of _____________next to the one of Abraham Lincoln?


A : W.E.B. DuBois

B : Amiri Baraka

C : Booker T. Washington

D : Frederick Douglass

Why was it important that slave narratives have a title page that claimed either that the narrative was written by the narrator himself (or his words were recorded by someone close to him, preferably white) ?


A : So the author could get paid.

B : In order for people to believe the events in the narratives.

C : So that slave owners could refute the events in the narratives.

D : So that the author could be assured he wouldn’t be recaptured.

Which author relied on complex characters and dialect to overturn American stereotypes about Southern African Americans ?


A : William Wells Brown

B : Richard Wright

C : Charles Chesnutt

D : Booker T. Washington

Harriet Jacob’s slave narrative Incidents in the Life differs from Harriet Beecher Stowe’s abolitionist novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin in what way ?


A : Stowe’s novel is sentimental.

B : Stowe describes the treatment of slaves.

C : Stowe describes the escape of slaves.

D : Uncle Tom’s Cabin was used by abolitionists.

Which characteristic of the slave narrative did Frederick Douglass include in the first chapter of his Narrative ?


A : Narration of a deserved punishment.

B : Depictions of a beautiful rural environment.

C : Descriptions of the kinds of food and clothing slaves were given.

D : The author’s father is often a white man.

Frederick Douglass argued that slaves sang spirituals for all of the following reasons except______________?


A : To impress the horrors of slavery on listeners

B : To ease their pain

C : To pray for deliverance

D : To show that they were content in their work

In the poem “When Malindy Sings,” Paul Laurence Dunbar uses irony and caricature to “signify” on white assumptions about African Americans. What does Henry Louis Gate’s term “signify” mean ?


A : Giving words double meaning that appear differently to white and black readers.

B : Fixing words with very specific meanings.

C : Making sure that what is written makes sense.

D : Lying to mislead the reader.

According to Larry Neal, the primary goal of the Black Arts Movement is_______________?


A : To speak to the spiritual and cultural needs of African Americans.

B : To raise awareness of violence in African American youth.

C : To support the Back to Africa Movement.

D : To raise money for Sickle Cell Anemia research.

Native Son was written by___________________?


A : Jean Toomer.

B : Richard Wright.

C : Ralph Ellison.

D : James Baldwin.

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