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Important questions about Acids and Bases. Acids and Bases MCQ questions with answers. Acids and Bases exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

When an acid (H+) is added to alkali (OH-), product is


A : a. hydroxides

B : b. water

C : c. salts

D : d. hydrogen gas

K?O + H?O ?


A : a. K(OH)?

B : b. KOH

C : c. KOH.H?O

D : d. KO + H? + O?

Mineral acids are


A : a. naturally occurring

B : b. man made

C : c. include malic acid

D : d. include formic acid

Excess acidity caused by acid rain can be neutralized by adding


A : a. more fertilizers

B : b. by removing the acidified soil

C : c. by adding P?O?

D : d. by adding lime

More corrosive acid is


A : a. H?CO?

B : b. H?SO?

C : c. HNO?

D : d. C?H?O?

NaOH + HCl ?


A : a. Na(OH)? + H?

B : b. NaCl + H?

C : c. NaCl + H?O

D : d. NaCl + H? + O?

Phosphoric acid has formula


A : a. H?PO?

B : b. H?PO?

C : c. H?PO?

D : d. H?PO?

In Universal indicators, red color shows


A : a. strong acids

B : b. strong alkalis

C : c. weak acids

D : d. weak bases

Bases (OH-) are


A : a. corrosive

B : b. turn litmus from blue to red

C : c. turn litmus from red to blue

D : d. non-metal oxides

Acids (H+) reacts with metal hydroxides (-OH-) to from


A : a. salt and water

B : b. salt and hydrogen gas

C : c. salt and hydrogen oxides

D : d. salt and alkali

Apples contain


A : a. citric acid

B : b. malic acid

C : c. tartaric acid

D : d. acetic acid

Consider equation P?O?? + H?O ? H?PO?. number of moles of H?PO? produced by reaction are


A : a. 2

B : b. 4

C : c. 6

D : d. 8

An alkali (OH-) is a


A : a. water soluble base

B : b. water insoluble base

C : c. oil soluble base

D : d. oil insoluble base

In Universal indicators, a pH of 7 is shown with


A : a. yellow color

B : b. green color

C : c. blue color

D : d. pink color

Chemical formula of Caustic soda is


A : a. NaOH

B : b. KOH

C : c. MgO

D : d. Ca(OH)?

Bleach has an approximate of


A : a. 5

B : b. 8

C : c. 11

D : d. 14

In Universal indicators, weak alkalis are indicated through


A : a. turquoise color

B : b. blue color

C : c. light violet color

D : d. all of these

Orange juice is


A : a. acidic

B : b. alkaline

C : c. neutral

D : d. basic

Best indicator of all is


A : a. litmus indicator

B : b. universal indicator

C : c. methyl orange indicator

D : d. Phenolphthalein indicators

Consider equation PbO + HCl ? PbCl? + H?O. Moles of HCl required to balance equation are


A : a. 1

B : b. 2

C : c. 3

D : d. 4

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