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3. Which of these is an example of eminent domain?


A : a corporator forces public for sell their lands to him

B : a state forces people to sell their fields for building highway

C : Both A & B

D : None of the above

4. A debit signifies a decrease in


A : revenues

B : liability

C : owner's equity

D : All of the above

8. 'Equity schemes managed strong NAV gains, which boost their assets' was a news in some financial newspapers. What is the full form of the term NAV as used in above head lines ?


A : Nil Accounting Variation

B : New Asset Venture

C : Net Accounting Venture

D : Net Asset Value

9. Goods that are excludable include both


A : public goods and common resources

B : common resources and private goods

C : natural monopolies and public goods

D : private goods and natural monopolies

1. Managerial accounting information is generally prepared for


A : creditors

B : regulatory agencies

C : shareholders

D : managers

7. Bad loans in banking terminology are generally known as


A : NPA's

B : Prime loans

C : BPO's

D : Prime Assets

9. All of these are exemptions from local real property taxes EXCEPT :


A : Low-income homeowner's exemption

B : Homeowner's exemption

C : Veteran's exemption

D : Senior citizen's tax exemption

1. Which of the following is the oldest Joint Stock Bank of India ?


A : Patiala Bank

B : Punjab National Bank

C : Bank of India

D : Allahabad Bank

2. Saving accounts usually offer ___ interest rates than checking accounts.


A : Higher

B : Lower

C : Equal

D : None

3. The yield to maturity on a discount bond is


A : equal to both the coupon rate / current yeild

B : less than the current yeild but greater than the coupon rate

C : greater than both the coupon rate / current yeild

D : equal to the current yeild but greater than the coupon rate

4. In preparing a bank reconciliation, outstanding checks are


A : Deducted from the balance sheet

B : Added to the bank balance

C : Deducted from the bank balance

D : Added to the balance sheet

6. The income and substitution effects account for


A : the upward sloping curve

B : the downward sloping curve

C : Both A & B

D : None of the above

7. Transfer payments are included in


A : Government subsidies


C : Both A & B

D : None of the above

8. In which of the following cases will total revenue increase?


A : Price rises and demand is inelastic

B : Price falls and supply is inelastic

C : Price rises and demand is elastic

D : Price falls and demand is inelastic

9. Devaluation of currency leads to


A : increase in domestic prices

B : erratic fluctuations in domestic prices

C : fall in domestic prices

D : no impact on domestic prices

10. Fixed Foreign Exchange rate can be changed by



B : Ministry of Finance


D : All of the above

1. The Accounting period cycle of NSE is


A : Monday to next Friday

B : Wednesday to next Tuesday

C : Wednesday to next Wednesday

D : Tuesday to next Wednesday

2. Suspense account group is defined under


A : Assets

B : Income

C : Expenditure

D : Liabilities

3. The shortcut key to quit from tally is


A : CTRL + Q


C : CTRL + T

D : CTRL + P

5. Commercial banks are funded through which of the following?


A : Customer deposits

B : Services

C : Stock holders

D : Government funding

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