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Important questions about AC Fundamentals, Circuits & Circuit Theory - MCQ. AC Fundamentals, Circuits & Circuit Theory - MCQ MCQ questions with answers. AC Fundamentals, Circuits & Circuit Theory - MCQ exam questions and answers for students and interviews.

The phase difference between voltage and current wave through a circuit element is given as 30°. The essential condition is that


A : both waves must have same frequency

B : both waves must have identical peak values

C : both waves must have zero value at the same time

D : none of the above

The voltage of domestic supply is 220V. This figure represents__________?


A : mean value

B : r.m.s. value

C : peak value

D : average value

The frequency of domestic power supply in Pakistan is_________?


A : 200 Hz

B : 100 Hz

C : 60 Hz

D : 50 Hz

The power is measured in terms of decibles in case of_________?


A : electronic equipment

B : transformers

C : current transformers

D : auto transformers



A : a line which represents the magnitude and phase of an alternating quantity

B : a line representing the magnitude and direction of an alternating quantity

C : a coloured tag or band for distinction between different phases of a 3-phase supply

D : an instrument used for measuring phases of an unbalanced 3-phase load

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